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Linked-data based dynamic constraint checking to support look-ahead-planning in construction

Soman, Ranjith K. and Molina-Solana, Miguel and Whyte, Jennifer
Automation in Construction under review, (SUBMITTED)


Complex construction constraints are not modelled in the conventional scheduling systems, as they are highly dynamic and span multiple domains. The lack of constraint relationships embedded in schedules limits the potential benefits of using Automated Data Collection (ADC) technologies, as downstream effects of the detected deviations cannot be deducted. This paper addresses challenges associated with modelling and validating complex scheduling constraints using semantic web technologies. The paper presents a linked-data based dynamic constraint checking approach (LDCC), using Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL). A prototype web application was developed using this approach and evaluated using an OpenBIM dataset. Results from the evaluation demonstrate the potential of linked-data based constraint checking to test for constraint violation when data is distributed over multiple servers. We conclude this paper by providing future directions for researchers working in lean construction, BIM-based rule checking and linked-data to extend this approach.




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